When To Avoid Exercise

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When is it not safe to exercise during pregnancy?

When To Avoid Exercise

If you should develop high blood pressure during your pregnancy, it is probably best to put your exercise program on hold. Exercise in this instance can actually worsen the condition. ALWAYS check with your doctor, throughout your entire pregnancy. Let him/her know you are exercising.



6/29/2006 1:49:41 PM
Kristi Palma said:

Experts say to avoid horseback riding, water skiing, snow skiing and riding snowmobiles, jet skis and motorcycles during pregnancy. Bowl with caution because you could lose your balance and fall or strain your back. Your doctor may say you can continue to jog but you'll want to do it with caution. This is not the time to increase your mileage and speed. If you notice pain, contractions, bleeding or other symptoms after jogging or physically exerting yourself, call your doctor right away.


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