Injury Prone

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What are some tips for exercising during pregnancy?

Injury Prone

During pregnancy, your body is getting itself ready for the birthing process. Included in this preparation is releasing a hormone called relaxin. It helps loosen the pelvis so the baby will more easily pass through. The adverse effects of this is that all your joints are more lax. Thus, you are more prone to injuries. Avoid rocky terrain or unstable ground when on foot or bike. It would be in your best interest to purchase shoes that provide you with a lot of support. (You are also more likely to fall due to your new "figure".)



6/29/2006 1:41:36 PM
Kristi Palma said:

More ways to avoid falls is to be careful during the winter when parking lots and sidewalks can be wet or icy, always use handrails, walk in well-lit areas and stay on sidewalks. Be mindful of slowing down your pace as your belly gets bigger. If you do fall, call your doctor because he or she may wish to examine you. An ultrasound evaluation may be important after a fall to ensure baby is fine.


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