Tips for Fall Pregnancies

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Tips for Fall Pregnancies

Marked by beautiful foliage, colorful harvests, and a refreshing nip in the air, fall is a season filled with transitions. What better time to embark on the miracle of pregnancy? If your exciting news coincides with the splendor of autumn, you’re likely anticipating the coming months with a whole new outlook. Below are some tips for ensuring the comfort, health, and safety of you and your growing baby throughout fall and winter.

• Dress in layers. When you’re pregnant, you may find that you’re more sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. Autumn is notorious for sudden cold jags, as well as unseasonably warm days. Always keep a sweater or jacket on hand to combat chills, and wear a light tee-shirt underneath so you can shed outer garments to stay cool.

• Keep an umbrella handy. Getting caught in sudden, chilly downpours is a surefire recipe for a nasty fall cold.

• Get an apple a day. The old cliché rings true—apples are rich in fiber, which helps to alleviate the common digestive discomforts many pregnant women experience. Besides consuming the whole fruit, you can also reap its benefits in hot apple cider, a favorite fall treat.

• Prepare family and friends for a low-key holiday. As you approach the middle of your pregnancy, do your best to avoid excess stress. Don’t commit to a large number of parties and events—they may sound like fun now, but can ultimately tire you out. This year, stick to a few core traditions and politely decline the extras.

• Ask for help with holiday prep work. Now is not the time to offer to host Thanksgiving dinner at your house, nor should you plan day-long shopping excursions. Hand off your Christmas list to your husband, friend, or family member or, better yet, do your shopping online this year.

• Get as much sleep as possible. Pregnancy can take a physical toll, causing you to tire out quicker. Once baby arrives, rest will be a treasured (and rare) commodity. With the shorter days and colder temperatures, autumn is a great month for stealing afternoon naps and hitting the sack earlier than usual.

No matter what the month, pregnancy calls for an overall deceleration of stress and activities. Take the time to pamper yourself with warm bubble baths, massages, and plenty of downtime. There will be plenty to do once baby arrives!



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