Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

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Why do I need to use the bathroom more now I’m pregnant?

Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

Frequent urination during pregnancy is often thought to be because of the increased size of your uterus, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy when your growing baby is pressing on your bladder. However, the rise in the number of times a pregnant woman needs to use the bathroom is mostly because of an increase in blood in her body, which leads to extra fluid passing through the kidneys and into the bladder. In fact, this can be one of the very first signs that you are pregnant.

But it isn't always easy to cope with those non-stop trips to the bathroom. One of the worst things about this symptom of pregnancy is the feeling of constantly needing to urinate. If you find that you've been to the bathroom and still feel the need to urinate, try sitting for a little longer and bending your body forward. This can help to fully empty your bladder and offer some relief.



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