Possible Pregnancy Complications

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What are the possible complications during pregnancy?

Possible Pregnancy Complications

There are many possible pregnancy complications, some more serious than others. Common pregnancy complications include

  • Pre-eclampsia. High blood pressure brought on by pregnancy, and gestational diabetes. Pre-eclampsia is more common in first pregnancies although, as with many pregnancy complications, it's not entirely certain why that is. These conditions are easily recognisable and treatable and there's no need to worry if you develop either of them.

  • A potentially more serious complication is an egtopic pregnancy. This is when an embryo grows outside the fallopian tube. This pregnancy cannot survive and a natural miscarriage will occur, however it can in some cases be life threatening so it's important that any symptoms such as acute abdominal pain aren't ignored.

  • Bleeding during pregnancy should always be investigated. There can be many reasons for this and it doesn't automatically mean you are suffering a miscarriage. Many women bleed at regular intervals all the way through their pregnancies and other women experience early bleeding with no adverse affects to their pregnancy at all. But anything unusual should always be looked into when pregnant.



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kim said:

my wife victim of egtopic opera.there will be a
possible to pregnant.?


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