Baby Bowel Movements and What to Expect

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What should my baby’s bowel movements be like?

Baby Bowel Movements and What to Expect

Baby bowel movements largely depend on the way your baby is fed. Breastfed babies generally experience more frequent and looser bowel movements than formula fed babies. This is because breast milk is easier to digest than formula milk.

Breastfed babies will have a bowel movement a few times a day while formula fed babies will have noticeably fewer bowel movements. If your baby has not had a bowel movement and seems to be experiencing discomfort or you are worried, consult a doctor. If you think your baby is constipated there are things you can do to try and help. Massaging the baby's tummy or moving the legs in a cycling motion can sometimes relieve constipation. Also try giving him or her a warm bath or cooled boiled water to drink.

Once your baby is older and on solids, constipation becomes much easier to treat. In this case you can help by encouraging your child to drink plenty of water and fruit juice, and including adequate roughage in his or her diet. If constipation continues and these methods don't help, your doctor may be able to prescribe a mild laxative.



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