Learning to Live with Leaky Breasts (Colostrum) During Pregnancy

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Is it normal to have leaky breasts during pregnancy

Learning to Live with Leaky Breasts (Colostrum) During Pregnancy

Colostrum is the first milk your newborn baby will receive from your breasts. It contains less fat and sugar than the breast milk you will produce further down the line, but colostrum has more protein, which is just the thing a new born baby needs. Your breasts may begin to leak a small amount of colostrum in the last few weeks leading up to the birth. This can occur anywhere from sixteen weeks onward. Don't be alarmed if your breasts do begin to leak, it's perfectly natural. At this last stage in your pregnancy your body is getting ready for the baby to arrive and all systems are go, that includes the production of colostrum during pregnancy.

If it becomes a problem or you are leaking more than just a few drops, breast pads, which you will need once the baby is here anyway, can be easily inserted into your bra and will stop any embarrassing leaks from being seen through your clothes.

When you are in the late stages of pregnancy but are not leaking colostrum, this does not mean you will be unable to breastfeed. There is no link between leaky breasts (colostrum) during pregnancy and the amount of milk you will subsequently produce for your baby. You may never see colostrum during your pregnancy and still go on to successfully breastfeed your baby.



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