Get Ready for Breastfeeding

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Will I be able to breastfeed

Get Ready for Breastfeeding

Most women who attempt breastfeeding will encounter breastfeeding problems at some point, usually at the very beginning. These problems include the baby not latching on properly, or refusing to feed, sore nipples and a general feeling in the mother of failing before she has even begun. Any or all of these problems can cause a nursing mother to give up on breastfeeding in the early stages.

But it's a shame to give up on breastfeeding because of hurdles that can, in most cases, be overcome. The most important thing for a nursing mother to remember is to relax. This can be difficult when your baby is screaming, but the more anxiety the mother feels the more upset the baby will become. Arrange yourself so you are comfortable, with cushions positioned behind your back and under your arms or whichever is best for you. Try to feed your baby in a quiet area where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Hold your baby so he or she is laying across your body, supported by your arms in a cradled position and let your baby find your nipple rather than forcing it.

If you still find the process difficult then do your best to find as much breastfeeding information as you can. Breastfeeding help should always be readily available to a new mother so no one has to suffer in silence. Get breastfeeding advice from the professionals and persevere. The first few weeks can be hard, but it's well worth it if you can see yourself and your baby through that difficult period. In the long run the rewards of breastfeeding far out way any early problems you might face.



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