Pregnacy: Month 5

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What is going on in with my baby during month five of my pregnancy?

Pregnacy: Month 5

During month five of your pregnancy, your baby will probably make itself known. You'll feel movement for the first time from your baby in month 5, and this is what is known as quickening. Those first few movements will feel as if a tiny butterfly is fluttering in your tummy. You'll learn how to recognize this feeling soon. Baby's bones and muscles are now stronger, and the baby work at exercising them during month five. Hair follicles are in place, though how much hair your baby will have at birth remains to be seen. The baby's senses are also developing, and he/she can hear your body's sounds. Baby girls are forming ovaries during this month, too. Your baby's skin is developing a fatty, yellow substance called vernix, which protects it from the exposure to amniotic fluid. By the end of this month, your baby weighs between 10 and 12 ounces, and he is around seven inches long.



11/14/2006 6:54:23 AM
Bobbi said:

im 5 months along and i swear i feel more than butterfly's. Its like i can feel it moving around and there has been a lot of pulsing that me and my husband can feel with our hands. I felt the butterfly's in month 4. What do you think of this? And do you have any more tips? Also-what do you think about tanning in tanning beds while pregnant?


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