Pregnancy: Month 1

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What is going on in with my baby during month one of my pregnancy?

Pregnancy: Month 1

As your pregnancy begins, you'll see lots of changes in your body and your baby in month 1. In the first month of your pregnancy, you're in the very early stges, and you might not have known about your pregnancy for very long. The following tips are good advice to follow throughout your pregnancy beginning with month one of your baby's life.

* Don't drink alcohol.

* Don't smoke.

* Don't handle cat litter.

* Don't use over the counter medications or prescribed meds without consulting your doctor.

* Get plenty of rest.

Your fertilized egg is dividing and implanting itself into your uterus during this month. Congratulations! You're pregnant!



2/6/2009 12:34:57 PM
Alaa said:

what are the causes descending drop of blood at the end of the first month of pregnancy .is it normal or dengerous.


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