Predicting Ovulation

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How can I predict ovulation?

Predicting Ovulation

When it comes to predicting ovulation, women use several methods. Some of the most common methods include the following:

* Cycle days-For women who have a regular menstrual cycle of 28 to 30 days, begin counting on the first day of your period. You should ovulate sometime between day 11 and day 14.
* Ovulation cramps-Some women can actual feel ovulation. Mild cramping is a symptom that can last for a few minutes to a few hours.
* Cervical mucus-If you monitor the discharge of mucus, you can often get an idea of ovulation. Your mucus will become stretchy and clear, much like a raw egg white.



3/12/2007 8:54:26 AM
Claudette said:

Tring to get pregnant for mu husband and I cant tell when im ovulation I have white muscus bud its hard for me to tell


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