Rupturing of Membranes and Pregnancy

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What happens when my water breaks?

Rupturing of Membranes and Pregnancy

The rupture of membranes is sometimes the first indication that the birth of a baby is going to happen soon. This usually happens spontaneously in about 12% of pregnant women. Most of the time, a woman's water won't break until she is already in labor. Sometimes an obstetrician will rupture the membranes to stimulate the progress of labor. When the membranes rupture, the fluid that surrounds the baby in the amniotic sac begins to leak out of the cervix. This leak may be a trickle or it may feel like a flood. Either way, if you aren't already at the hospital, contact your doctor. Call immediately if you notice the following:

* Green or brownish fluid, instead of clear.
* You experience fever.
* You feel a pulsating sensation in your vagina, which could indicate a prolapsed cord.



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