The Epidural

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If I decide to get an epidural, what can I expect?

The Epidural

Labor and delivery can be a daunting event. It helps to know what you can expect before you give birth. If you're considering an epidural, it's a relatively straightforward procedure. A physician will give you a local anesthesia and insert a catheter into your back. You'll then feel the effects of the medication after 10 to 20 minutes. If you elect to get an epidural to ease pain during childbirth, you'll be more relaxed, the contraction pains will diminish, and you'll be alert and active during the birth process.



6/29/2006 2:56:36 PM
Kristi Palma said:

A possible problem with an epidural is it can make the mother's blood pressure drop. Low blood pressure may affect blood flow to the baby. I.V. fluids can help reduce the risk of low blood pressure.

7/31/2006 6:57:59 AM
pooja said:

i have heard that this procedure sure relives you of pain but has many side effects? if so..then what are they like and do they last for a long time?


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