Breastfeeding and Dad

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How can I help my breastfeeding baby bond with his dad?

Breastfeeding and Dad

Just because you are breastfeeding your baby doesn't mean that dad has to feel left out. There are many ways for dads to become closer to their babies. Sometimes breastfeeding moms need a break, so dads can give baby a bottle of breast milk or formula. Dads can also take baby for walks, read and sing to baby, and rock baby to sleep. If you are the dad of a newborn baby, give your wife moral support as she breastfeeds by reading books on breastfeeding and seeing that she eats right and gets plenty of rest.



5/23/2012 6:46:02 PM
steven luna said:

i convinced my partner to allow me to drink from her breast because they go so engorged that the baby could not latch? does that mean she will produce more milk from me? why dont they suggest fathers to "alleviate" the pain that mothers can get from engorged breasts.


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