Changes in Your Body During the First Trimester

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Changes in Your Body During the First Trimester

Congratulations -- you’re pregnant! Once the initial excitement subsides, your thoughts will most likely center around how your body will change in the coming months. Most expectant moms can’t help but anticipate the bulging belly, the cute maternity clothes, and even the endearing “pregnancy waddle.” But you’ll quickly realize that many of the most obvious physical changes are still a long time coming. In fact, if this is your first baby, you may not even start to show for two or three months.

That said, your body will experience some significant changes during the first trimester, even if they’re not detectable to the naked eye. Below are some of the most common symptoms:

Fatigue: Many women notice that they tire a lot faster in the early weeks of pregnancy, experiencing what is often described as a bone-weary exhaustion. This tiredness is a result of your body working extra hard to support the new fetus growing inside of you. To counteract the weariness, rest as often as possible and try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. It may sound contradictory, but regular moderate exercise is also a great way to offset fatigue.

Nausea: Morning sickness (a bit of a misnomer, as this can strike anytime of the day or night) is prevalent during the first trimester. Try to stick to bland foods, never start the day on an empty stomach, and avoid any known triggers that bring on queasiness.

Bladder sensitivity: It may not be obvious just yet, but your growing uterus is already beginning to press against your bladder, causing you to experience more frequent urges to urinate throughout the early weeks of pregnancy.

Weight gain: On average, women gain approximately one pound per month during the first trimester, so you shouldn’t see any drastic changes in this area just yet.



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khadra said:

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2/24/2012 6:31:50 AM
malebogo mokgadi said:

I found out last week friday on the 17th of february 2012 that I am pregnant through a home pregnancy test & I haven't been 2 the doctor to check how far I am! But I'am experiencing morning sicknesses even @ night but I never vomit I just feel very nausiated like I'm about 2 vomit any second but I never do & I get very uncomfortable feelings in my tummy sumtyms cramps!


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