Announcing Your Pregnancy at Thanksgiving

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Announcing Your Pregnancy at Thanksgiving

If you’re eating for two this Thanksgiving, you may be presenting more than just a side dish or an apple pie when you arrive for the big feast. For expectant mothers who haven’t yet shared their exciting news with the family, Thanksgiving dinner provides a fun and dramatic opportunity to inform everyone of the upcoming addition.

Instead of just making an ordinary verbal announcement, why not strive for a more creative way to break the news? Below are some fun ideas for incorporating your announcement into the Thanksgiving celebration:

• At dinner, pass around some blank index cards and ask everyone to write down what they’re most thankful for. On your card, make a note about your upcoming bundle of joy. Gather the cards together into a pile, then nominate someone to read the entries. When yours is read aloud, sit back and enjoy the widened eyes and dropped jaws—and then let the telltale smile creep across your face.

• Thanksgiving is a popular time for family members to swap Christmas wish lists. When you compose yours, add several baby-related items, such as a new stroller, baby clothes, and crib bedding.

• If you’ve been assigned to bring a dish or dessert, decorate it with baby-related paraphernalia. For example, if you’re making a pumpkin pie, adorn it with miniature rattles, cribs, and babies.

• If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, use miniature baby bottles for all of the condiments. People are sure to wonder why you’re using them, providing the perfect opportunity to break the news.

• Make copies of your ultrasound image and put them in envelopes at each person’s place setting. Have everyone open their envelope at the same time.



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