Battling Fatigue During Pregnancy

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Battling Fatigue During Pregnancy

Growing a new life is an uncontested miracle, but -- as any mom can attest -- it takes its toll on your energy level. Especially during the first trimester, pregnancy can bring about a bone-weary exhaustion that sends many expectant moms longing to burrow back into bed and stay there.

Although the fatigue can’t be avoided entirely -- after all, your body is working extra hard to fuel the growth of your unborn baby -- there are some things you can do to alleviate it.

• Prioritize according to your energy level. If you’re most energized in the morning, plan to tackle your most draining tasks shortly after waking up. Conversely, if you’re a slow starter, you should try to schedule important items for after lunch.

• Call in extra help. When energy is in short supply, try to conserve it for essential tasks. If your budget allows, you might consider hiring a part-time housekeeper, laundry service, or landscaper to tackle the more strenuous chores.

• Shop online. Skip the mad dash from store to store -- Internet sites allow you to shop from the comfort of your own home, and can offer significant savings to boot.

• Don’t skip the exercise. Sure, it can be tempting to creep under the covers after a long day, but maintaining a healthy activity level is integral to keeping up your energy. Once you get going, you’ll likely find that a brisk walk, spinning class, or yoga session helps to reduce fatigue and boosts your overall sense of well-being.

• Get plenty of sleep. By turning in early at night, you’ll be better rested and more equipped to combat fatigue throughout the day. If your schedule allows, sneaking in a couple of quick power naps during your most tired times can also do wonders for your energy level.



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