Leaky Breasts (Colostrum) During Pregnancy

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Why do I have leaky breasts, colostrum, during pregnancy?

Leaky Breasts (Colostrum) During Pregnancy

During the beginning of pregnancy, your breasts begin to produce a milk-like substance called colostrum. This is a thick, yellow-orange milk that feels sticky to the touch. After you have birthed and breastfed your baby a few times, the colostrum begins to change into the more mature breast milk.

Many women find that their breasts begin to leak around 12 weeks of pregnancy, while others may not have leaking breasts at all. If your breasts are leaking, you can use nursing pads to help prevent wetness on your clothing and to help you stay comfortable at night. It is common for colostrum to leak on its own or if you massage your breasts. During sexual arousal, your breasts may leak more.

Leaking breasts do not affect how much nourishment your baby will receive when you breastfeed. You cannot 'run out' of breast milk or colostrum. You may find that your breasts do not leak or produce colostrum until after you have birthed the baby, this is also normal. Whether your breasts leak often or do not leak at all, don't be concerned as every woman's body and pregnancy will be different.



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