Choosing A Baby Name

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How do I start choosing a baby name?

Choosing A Baby Name

Choosing a baby name is an important decision, so here are some tips to help you. A name does not define the child, but do select a baby name that gives you a positive and confident feeling, regardless of stereotypes. You can also choose a baby name in keeping with family traditions, or use your maiden name for a middle name. Choosing a baby name that is related to your family tree can help you associate your family history with the new infant, but don't be pressured into using a family name that you do not like.

Popular baby names can be found at the Social Security Administration website at This gives you the most popular baby names over the last century, so you get to find classical popular baby names and modern ones. At, popular baby names are listed by gender, region, and decade. This can be a fun way to look at the history of popular baby names. However, remember that popular baby names do change, and the most popular ones will be the most common names in your child's age group.

There are some other tips for choosing a baby name. You may want to say the options out loud to ensure that they are compatible with the surname. Many people prefer not to choose names that rhyme, make up acronyms, or have too many vowels. However, these are not set rules. One family may include a pum in their baby a pun like Rainee Day, while another's first name ends in a vowel and last name begins with a vowel. Both are common "don'ts" in baby naming, but choosing a baby name means finding a name that you feel positive and confident about, not following rules.



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