Pregnancy Contractions

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What are pregnancy contractions?

Pregnancy Contractions

Pregnancy contractions are a completely normal part of pregnancy and are nothing to worry about. You may experience them from as early as six weeks into your pregnancy to the very end, or not at all. These contractions typically feel like a tightening or hardening across your abdomen and should be irregular and totally painless.

The cause of these pregnancy contractions is not known, but some believe they are a way of preparing your body for the contractions you will experience during labor. Although pregnancy contractions, sometimes known as Braxton-Hicks contractions, are not painful like the real thing, some women find that at the end of their pregnancies these practice contractions continue, and becoming more regular until labor has begun and the contractions are painful.

Prenatal care is a very important part of your pregnancy. It allows your doctor to monitor your progress and detect anything out of the ordinary. If you are worried about pregnancy contractions or if they become painful at any time, contact your doctor immediately.



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