Pregnancy Insomnia: Reasons and Solutions

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What can I do to combat insomnia while pregnant?

Pregnancy Insomnia: Reasons and Solutions

There are many reasons why you can't sleep properly when you're pregnant.
Hormonal changes, frequent urination, back pains, anxiety and the increasing
size of your belly all factor into pregnancy insomnia.

Pregnancy involves a lot of changes, including fluctuations in your sleep
patterns: from extreme tiredness during your first trimester to trouble falling
asleep during your third. But there are some things you can do to alleviate the
symptoms. Use extra pillows to position yourself comfortably in bed, have a
warm glass of milk or snack before bedtime, and practice a relaxation technique
that works for you (such as baths, yoga, reading, etc.).

It is also very important to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Moderate
exercise can make you feel energized during the day and help you fall asleep
during the night, just avoid a work out close to your bedtime. If none of these
solutions alleviate your pregnancy insomnia, consult with your doctor. He or she may
suggest a sleep aid.



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