Why Women Get Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

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Will I suffer from haemorrhoids when I’m pregnant?

Why Women Get Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

One of the reasons women get hemorrhoids while pregnant is constipation. Be sure to eat a healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of water to help stop constipation from becoming an issue. Another common reason for pregnancy hemorrhoids is the increase of blood in the body of a pregnant woman which swells the veins anywhere below the uterus, where the most pressure is being put on your body.

If you have suffered from hemorrhoids in the past you're more than likely to suffer from them while pregnant. Take the weight off your legs and rest as much as possible. Avoid standing for long periods of time, as this will aggravate the condition, and don't do any heavy lifting, which you shouldn't be doing while pregnant anyway.

Many women who suffer from hemorrhoids while pregnant will go on to have post pregnancy hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are painful and, whether they protrude from the anus or not, can cause bleeding. You should always seek treatment if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Suppositories or creams will usually be prescribed and while hemorrhoids may return, they are completely treatable.



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