Labor Pain and How to Cope

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How much pain will I experience during labor?

Labor Pain and How to Cope

There's really no avoiding pain during labor, though there are some women who claim to have experienced little or no pain at all during their delivery. For most women contractions are painful; they will probably start mildly and feel like the pain associated with a menstrual cycle, but will steadily become more intense and more frequent. Back pain labor is very common and can be helped by a birth partner gently rubbing the small of the back during a contraction. Positioning yourself in whichever way is most comfortable can also be a help.

Labor pain management and the type of labor pain relief you would rather use needs to be thoroughly considered and decided upon before your labor begins. Labor pain can be managed in various ways depending on the individual. Using an epidural is really the only way to minimize the pain as much as possible.

Remember the result of labor pain: It is bringing you closer to the moment you will see your baby. Embrace it as a natural occurrence, breathe through your contractions and use the coping mechanisms you have been taught. But if it all gets too much don't be a hero. There's plenty of labor pain relief, so use it.



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