Inducing Labor – What to Expect

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What will happen if my labor is induced?

Inducing Labor – What to Expect

Inducing labor is usually done because a pregnancy has gone over the baby's due date by more than two weeks or there is a medical reason to give labor a helping hand, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

If you are facing having your labour induced you shouldn't worry. There are a few ways in which this might be done and all are relatively safe and pain free. Breaking the water of a pregnant woman is probably the most commonly used way of inducing labor. Other forms of labor inducing are a hormone to stimulate contractions, a hormone to ripen the cervix and stripping of the membranes (which may sound worse than it actually is). This procedure consists of a doctor inserting a finger into the vagina and separating the membrane which connects the amniotic sac to the wall of the uterus. The worst you can expect from any of these procedures is a little pain or discomfort.



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