Baby Sleep Problems

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What can I do to help my baby sleep at night?

Baby Sleep Problems

The biggest change to your life as a new parent is suddenly adapting to many nights of interrupted (or no) sleep. Most babies will spend the first six to twelve weeks sleeping erratically, especially if you are breastfeeding on demand. But once this time has passed it becomes easier to establish a bedtime routine.

Helping your baby sleep through the night can be difficult and you shouldn't expect perfect results immediately. It takes time to establish a routine, but the key in achieving perfect baby sleep is consistency. So however you do it, stick to the same routine every night and your baby will get used to it. Try giving your baby a warm bath before bedtime or reading to him or her as a way to prepare for sleep.

Establishing a sleeping schedule can be an exhausting task, but worth it. If your child cries out for you in the night you need to make the baby understand that you won't keep going in to comfort him or her. It's hard work sometimes, but good baby sleep will make for a happier, healthier and more energetic family.



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