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How do I choose a name for my baby?

Baby Name Finder

Choosing a baby name is exciting but also a responsibility. It can be a lot fun going through all the possibilities with your partner, just don't forget that your baby will have to live with the name you choose for the rest of his or her life.

Popular names can mean your child will be one of many in his or her class with the same name, so a little foresight is needed when choosing a name for your baby. The same goes for quirky baby names. It might seem cool to you now, but will you still think so when your baby's eight years old?

A baby name finder can really help you through the endless choices available. If you decide on a name with a meaning, you can look it up and find out the history of your choice. Or you might decide that a family name is a good way to carry on a certain tradition.

Whatever name you think you might choose, say it out loud with your surname and think about it. You could even try it out on friends and family to see what kind of a reaction you get.



7/11/2008 8:52:49 AM
baby boy said:

We like to use a name that goes in the family.


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