Experiencing Fetal Movement

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How much will my baby move while in the womb?

Experiencing Fetal Movement

Your baby will be moving around weeks before you actually feel anything. Early fetal movement is often called quickening as it is more of a slight flutter than anything like a kick, but it can also be likened to a popping sensation and may feel a lot like gas. As your pregnancy progresses there will be no mistaking the movement of your baby and what was once a slight bubble inside you will now be a definite kick, and often one which can be seen as it happens.

Fetal movement during pregnancy is one of most pleasant feelings you'll have while pregnant. When you first feel your baby move it becomes real to you and you will begin to build a connection with this as yet unseen baby. You'll be able to feel it turn and wriggle and some women can even tell the difference between a kick and a punch, becoming used to the sight of a foot or a hand.

But it's all too easy to obsess over the frequency of movement and kicks and to panic if you feel your baby doesn't move as much as it once did. Decreased fetal movement is normal toward the end of a pregnancy, as the baby has less room to move around and gets into position for birth.

The answer is not to worry unduly. Your baby will be monitored more frequently in the latter stages of pregnancy anyway and any cause for concern will be picked up by your doctor.



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