Prepare Yourself for Pregnancy Weight Gain

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How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

Prepare Yourself for Pregnancy Weight Gain

Most women who are used to being slim will inevitably worry about weight gain during pregnancy, and how they are going to lose that excess weight once their baby is born. But while being pregnant should not be seen as an excuse to pile on the pounds, neither is it the time to worry about your figure. Remember that a pregnant woman should never try to lose weight. Pregnant women need to take in fats and store them for breastfeeding, so it's important to make sure you are taking in enough calories during pregnancy.

Factors other than your baby's size contribute to pregnancy weight gain, including: the weight of your placenta (3 pounds), increased blood supply (4 pounds), added breast tissue (2-3 pounds) and amniotic fluid (2-3 pounds).

So how much should YOU gain during pregnancy?

  • If you are an average weight: 25-35 pounds
  • If you are underweight: 28- 40 pounds
  • If you are overweight: 15-25 pounds
  • If you're having twins: 35-45 pounds
  • Expect to gain 3-4 pounds during the first three months, then a pound a week for the rest of your pregnancy.

    Most of this excess weight will be lost quite quickly if you are breastfeeding, but even if you aren't the time to worry about losing this normal excess weight is after the baby is born. Eat healthy, enjoy watching your bump grow and concentrate on doing your best for yourself and your baby.



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