Development: Week 40

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What is happening during my baby's fortieth week of development?

Development: Week 40

Well this is it. Your baby has reached her 40th week of fetal growth, and it is time for her arrival. Then again, she may wait another week or two to appear. Since babies are typically born anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks, predicting the exact day can be tricky. By now, your baby is probably around seven and a half pounds and measures 20 inches long. She has dimpled elbows and knees, and her growth is complete. Stick close to home during this time, and get plenty of rest. The time of delivery is fast approaching, and you'll meet your newborn very soon!



6/29/2006 2:39:06 PM
Kristi Palma said:

If you are overdue, the doctor will examine you to determine if baby is moving around in the womb and if the amount of amniotic fluid is healthy and normal. If baby is healthy, you are usually monitored until labor begins on its own.

After 40 weeks, the mother may have to undergo a series of tests such as a nonstress test, contraction stress test and a biophysical profile. These test baby's movements, how well the baby will handle contractions and checks overall fetal health.


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