Pregnacy: Month 7

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What is going on in with my baby during month seven of my pregnancy?

Pregnacy: Month 7

There's no denying your pregnant now, and your baby's home is becoming quite small for his growing body in the month seven of your pregnancy! The baby is now in the fetal position, but still very active. You'll be fascinated as you watch your stomach move from side to side. Your baby in month 7 is still developing lungs, and needs to put on more body fat. The baby's skin is becoming less wrinkled, however, as it begins to fill out. Your baby's eyes are starting to open, and the brain is growing rapidly. Baby boys' testicles will also begin to descend during this month. By the end of your baby's seven month of development, he/she will measure around 11 inches long, and weigh approximately three pounds.



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