Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

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What causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and what can I do about them?

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable symptom of pregnancy that up to 50 percent of all pregnant women experience. They are veins in the rectum that have become enlarged because of increased blood flow. Because constipation is another common symptom of pregnancy, it can aggravate those veins, causing them to swell and bulge. Hemorrhoids can bleed during difficult bowel movements, and they can also become itchy at times. The best solution is to first, try to prevent them by drinking lots of water and eating a high fiber diet. You should also avoid standing for long periods of time. Try not to strain during bowel movements, either. Once you have hemorrhoids, the best solution is to use ice packs and warm baths to soothe your discomfort. You can also ask your doctor for medication recommendations.



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