Clumsiness in Pregnancy

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Why do I become clumsy during my pregnancy?

Clumsiness in Pregnancy

Can you believe that one of the common complaints among pregnant women is clumsiness? Why is this considered a pregnancy symptom, and what is its solution? Obviously, one of the main reasons for your clumsiness is your body's unbalanced state. As your belly grows, your body is thrown even more off-balance. Other reasons for your clumsiness include the loosening of your joints, retention of water, and a change in your center of gravity. What is the solution to this problem?

* Use extra caution as you move about, and rely on handholds, etc. in precarious places, such as the tub or shower.
* Avoid slippery area rugs, and use caution going up and down stairways.
* Wear good shoes and socks that are non-slip.
* Let others lift heavy objects.



12/5/2008 10:34:21 AM
Jordin said:

how far in the prgnancy would it take for one to become clumsy?


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