Basil Body Temperature As An Ovulation Predictor

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What is basil body temperature?

Basil Body Temperature As An Ovulation Predictor

Many women use their basil body temperature as an ovulation predictor. A basil body temperature is the lowest, normal body temperature that is taken as soon as a woman awakens in the morning. It is necessary to keep a chart beside your bed, and monitor your temperatures on a daily basis.

* You'll need to take your temperature before you get out of bed for the most accurate results.
* Avoid eating, drinking, smoking, and even talking for the best reading.
* Take your temperature at the same time every day.

When your temperature raises slightly, ovulation is probably indicated.



11/9/2006 3:29:16 PM
erica said:

this method combined with noting cervical fluid and cervix changes can be as accurate as the pill with no side effects. plus, you learn to know and understand the norm for your own body and can predict not only ovulation for conception, but also for natural birth control. read up and give it a try:


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