Myths Surrounding Conception and Pregnancy

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What are some common pregnancy and conception myths?

Myths Surrounding Conception and Pregnancy

Pregnancy does involve some guesswork, especially when it comes to conception and due dates. Here are some common myths about pregnancy and conception that you can stear away from:

* A full moon can induce labor-This is just coincidence on occasion and not fact based.
* Eating spicy foods, having sex, and riding over railroad tracks can induce labor.
* Stretch marks are inevitable.
* Carrying a baby high means she is a girl; and low means he is a boy-The size, stature, and physique determine how a woman carries a child, not the gender.



11/1/2006 1:49:30 PM
L&D Nurse said:

I'm sorry, some of these are incorrect. A full moon and low pressure fronts (any big storm) both help to induce labor. Having sex can also help to induce labor - I recommend this to several of my patients and it works about 80% of the time. A little bit of light exercise (like walking) and a gentle romp in the bedroom usually do the trick.


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