Pregnancy Signs

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What are some common pregnancy signs?

Pregnancy Signs

If you suspect that you might be pregnant, there are several pregnancy signs to look for. Keep in mind, however, that you may not experience all or even any of these signs. Common signs of pregnancy include the following:

* Nausea-Morning sickness often doesn't appear until you've already confirmed that you are pregnant, but it can appear earlier.

* Frequent Urination-Hormonal changes and pressure from your expanding uterus can cause you to urinate more frequently.

* Tender Breasts-As your body changes, your breasts will become swollen and tender in the preparation for one day producing milk.

* Tiredness-You may discover you are overly tired. Your body is working overtime to help your baby grow. No wonder you are so tired!

* Spotting-Sometimes as the egg implants itself into the uterus, spotting can occur.



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