Episiotomy and Pregnancy

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What is an episiotomy?

Episiotomy and Pregnancy

Episiotomies are often performed during the vaginal birth of a baby. An episiotomy is a surgical incision in the perineum, which is the skin between the vagina and the anus. Its purpose is to widen the opening for baby's imminent birth and to prevent tearing of the perineum. You should always consult with your doctors about episiotomies.



6/29/2006 3:03:39 PM
Kristi Palma said:

There are 4 types of episiotomies:
a first-degree episiotomy cuts only the skin; a second-degree episiotomy cuts the skin and underlying tissue; a third-degree episiotomy cuts into the skin, underlying tissue and rectal sphincter, which is the muscle that goes around the anus; and a fourth-degree episiotomy goes through the three layers and through the rectal mucosa


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