False Labor and Pregnancy

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What is false labor?

False Labor and Pregnancy

Sometimes, determining if you really are in labor can be quite tricky. False labor pains may seem to be just like real labor during pregnancy. How can you tell the difference? Real labor typically has some common signs that you can look for, including the following:

* Nesting instict-You have a sudden urge to clean and get everything in order.

* Bloody show-Small amount of vaginal bleeding towards the end of pregnancy.

* Loss of mucous plug-This is the plug from the opening of your cervix. Once you lose it, don't take tub baths, go swimming, or have sex.

* Upset stomach or diarrhea

* Regular contractions that continue to get harder and closer together.

* Water breaks-Contact your doctor immediately

False labor includes the following symptoms:

* Contractions are irregular and don't form a pattern or get stronger.

* Contractions don't last very long.

* Contractions are felt only in the front.

* Cervix isn't dilating.

If you think you are in labor, you should immediately call your doctor.



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