Fitness Precautions During Pregnancy

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What are some pregnancy fitness precautions?

Fitness Precautions During Pregnancy

While pregnancy fitness is important to the health of you and your baby, there are some precautions that you should keep in mind.

* If you haven't been regularly exercising already, see your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen.

* Avoid rigorous bouncing, arching of your back, and any exercise which involves even mild abdominal trauma.

* Maintain even, steady breathing while exercising.

* During pregnancy fitness, do not lift your feet over your hips.

* Do not do sit-ups that are past 45 degrees.

* Don't do fitness exercises that require precise balance.

* Be sure you always stretch before and after your fitness regimen.

* Don't overdo it! Cut back on your exercise levels as your pregnancy progresses.

Always check with your doctor before engaging in exercise programs, or if you experience any problems.



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