Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

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What are the hormonal changes that my body may experience during pregnancy?

Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body will go through many different hormonal changes. The two main hormones that affect a pregnant woman's body are estrogen and progesterone. These hormones play an important role in readying the body for pregnancy and maintaining the pregnancy. Hormonal changes can affect the skin, so keep the following beauty tips in mind.

* Facial skin may darken, so avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during pregnancy.
* Dry, itchy skin may require extra applications of lotion.
* Hair may be dryer but also more lustrous.
* Nails may stronger and grow faster.

Hormones also play an important role in pregnancy emotions, and women may experience more frequent ups and downs and a host of conflicting feelings during pregnancy. All of these changes are normal.



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