Nutrition and Pregnancy

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What type of pregnancy nutrition should I concentrate on while pregnant?

Nutrition and Pregnancy

You're pregnant so that means you can eat for two, right? Not really. Being pregnant does mean you need to pay special attention to your nutrition, however. You can enjoy that special, sweet treat, but your diet and pregnancy nutrition will also be your baby's diet and nutrition.

* Eat a well-balanced meal every day.

* Smaller more frequent meals may ward off indigestion and keep you feeling more energized all day.

* Avoid too many sweets and an overload of carbs.

* Focus on lots of fruits and vegetables, including plenty of protein filled legumes.

* Don't forget the dairy products. If you are lactose intolerant, there are plenty of substitutes.

* Get plenty of fiber in your daily diet.

Always check with your doctor about specific foods to avoid, or if you experience any problems.



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