Pregnancy and the Job Offer

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Should I tell a potential employer that I'm pregnant while I'm interviewing?

Pregnancy and the Job Offer

So you're pregnant and interviewing. The question is, should you tell your potential employer that you're expecting? It is illegal for an employer to discriminate against hiring you due to your pregnancy and it's best to delay any discussion of pregnancy unless there is an actual job offer on the table. However, consider this: once you are hired, your employers may be rather dismayed to find out at a later date that you are expecting and it may damage your position at your workplace. A good alternative would be to create a timeline and plan for when you expect to work through, when you expect to take maternity leave, and what your childcare issues will be. That way, you can comfortably explain to your prospective employers that you have goals in place, that you are serious about your job, and alleviate their hesitation in hiring you.



2/16/2009 8:02:41 PM
bebesvin said:

That never works. No one wants to hire a woman who is pregnant. I don't care what the law says.. there is discrimination. Even though a pregnancy will take 9 months, again, no one will hire a pregnant woman... If you're in a bad group, it's impossible to transfer.. really. Esp, if you've told one person, it will get around, then everyone will know. Take my advice from experience - do not tell anyone you are pregnant until you accept the job offer, until you move groups, until you have shown you can perform and get good feedback.


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