Childbirth Classes

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What types of childbirth classes can I choose from?

Childbirth Classes

With the number of classes available on childbirth, women have many options to choose from to help with labor and delivery. You can try Lamaze, Bradley, or hypnobirthing, just to name a few. The Lamaze childbirth classes support birth as a natural and healthy process. This method emphasizes that women have a right to have childbirth free of medical intervention, but they do not advocate against medical pain relief during labor. The Bradley method fully supports childbirth as a natural process and encourages women to diet and exercise during pregnancy and use breathing techniques to manage pain during labor. Hypnobirthing is lesser known, but growing in popularity. This method stresses using your mind to achieve a state of relaxation and eliminate fear, tension, and pain during childbirth.



4/25/2007 2:12:02 PM
Chelsea said:

The thing that I feel very strongly works best is to relax your whole body and breath deep and slow. Let your body do the work, just breath through the pain. If you allow all the energy to focus on the uterus your labor will go a lot faster. Tension in your face, hands, etc. takes energy and causes your body to work overtime. So I really encourage to do what it takes to relax your body. My labor was less than 4 hours. I was in transition and didn't even know. This was my first and I had no pain medications. These are some of the tips I learned in a hypnobirthing class.


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