The Labor and Delivery Plan

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Can I let my hospital know my preferences for labor and delivery ahead of time?

The Labor and Delivery Plan

Well before you're ready to give birth, check with your hospital to see if they have a labor and delivery plan. If not, ask them if they'll keep one on file for you. A labor and delivery plan outlines all of your preferences for when you give birth and after. You decide who you want to be with you, what medications you prefer taking or not taking, and the type of environment you want. It's much easier to plan ahead now then when you're in the midst of giving birth!



6/29/2006 2:48:44 PM
Kristi Palma said:

It will save you time if you register at the hospital a few weeks before your due date. You can do this with forms from your doctor's office or by getting forms from the hospital. You should know the following information when you register: your blood type and Rh-factor, when your last period was and what your due date is, details of any past pregnancies, your doctor's name, your pediatrician's name


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