Breastfeeding Schedules

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Should my breastfeeding baby be on a schedule?

Breastfeeding Schedules

Because breast milk is easier to digest than formula, babies typically have to breastfeed more often. Your newborn baby may breastfeed as often as every hour to two hours for the first few weeks. It is important that you breastfeed on demand. In doing so, you are establishing a good supply of breast milk for your baby. Your newborn baby may not be on much of a schedule in her first few weeks of life, but eventually you'll be able to establish a breastfeeding routine. Once your baby is between four and six months of age, you'll begin introducing solid foods. However, breast milk should be the main source of your child's nutrition. Your baby's breastfeeding schedule will eventually spread out, and she won't need a breastfeeding session at night.



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