Alternatives to the Hospital Birth

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What alternatives do I have to delivering at a hospital?

Alternatives to the Hospital Birth

If you're thinking about alternatives to labor and delivery at a hospital, there are options available for you. Some women opt to go to a birth center to deliver their newborn. Birth Centers offer a comfortable environment more akin to the atmosphere of home than a hospital. You'll have access to a midwife, basic medical care, and nurse with the insurance of a nearby hospital and doctor on call in case an emergency should arise. Birth centers are ideal for women with low risk deliveries.

Other women decide that they want to give birth at home. This option is for those who are truly interested in controlling their birthing experience. Women who decide to deliver at home typically have a midwife in attendance to assist. It is rare for a doctor to attend a homebirth where there are no complications, but you might find one who will.

Before you decide on an alternative birthing method, make sure that you do your research and consult a doctor to examine your health to make sure that the option is a viable one for you.



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